Hailo and Renesas Joint Solution Enables Automotive Customers to Seamlessly Scale from ADAS to Automated Driving

The combination of Hailo-8 processors, designed for efficient Neural Network (NN) acceleration, with the powerful Renesas R-Car V3H & R-Car V4H systems-on-chip (SoCs), powers robust, scalable, efficient, and cost-effective ADAS solutions for zonal and centralized vehicular ECUs. The solutions are scalable for a wide range of ADAS functions from L2+ ADAS up to L4 AD functions requiring very high tera-operations per second (TOPS), while delivering best-in-class TOPS/W

Key features and benefits:

  • Independent scalability in AI & compute, allowing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for ADAS and AD designs
  • High-performance solution, ranging from 60 TOPS to over 170 TOPS and more in the future
  • Cost-effective ECU design allows for advanced automation features for all vehicle classes
  • Scalable to multiple sensors like Camera, Lidar, Radar and supports sensor fusion
  • Best-in-class power efficiency, enabling ECUs to be passively cooled
  • An open software ecosystem with seamless development and a virtual platform environment allows OEMs/Tier1s to maximize innovation

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Hailo Renesas Joint Solution

Autonomous Drive ECU Concept

Combining Renesas R-Car V4H

with Hailo-8™ AI Co-Processor